Software Group's (SG) Agent Banking solution provides a cost effective way to reach a larger number of customers through a network of agent representatives, whilst still allowing you operational control and delivery of the desired customer experience.

The SG Agent Banking solution allows customers to access a range of banking services including:

  1. Cash deposit and withdrawal
  2. Loan repayments and disbursements
  3. Funds transfer
  4. Pay bill
  5. Balance enquiry
  6. Avoid travel to and queues at branches

SG Agent Banking enables you to:

  • Reach customers beyond your branch network
  • Minimize the overhead costs to serve remote customers
  • Customise the functionality available to agents and customers

Potential benefits for the Agent include:

  • Increased sales from additional customer reach
  • Increased credibility via affiliation with a financial institution
  • Additional revenue from commissions and other incentives.