This solution is designed for financial institutions who wish to operate their own ATM or POS network, either as an alternative to joining a third party network, or in addition to this strategy.

Software Group’s (SG) ATM/POS Management solution has the primary purpose of performing transaction processing and routing decisions that are required as part of ATM/POS transaction. The range of transactions supported includes sending "on-us" transactions to your core system for authorization, sending "not-on-us" transactions to shared EFT networks, managing PIN validation via HSM and standing in when the core system is unavailable.

The solution provides functionality for the management of all set up and maintenance activities necessary to support and update the equipment used for electronic acceptance of payment cards (POS devices and EFT Server equipment installed at retail outlets etc), including:

  • installation of terminals 
  • maintenance of terminals 
  • help desk
  • authorization routing
  • ATM monitoring
  • network management 
  • management of virtual POS

You can decide to use an ATM/POS Management Solution if you need to:

  • Introduce your own ATM/POS network as part of an electronic banking strategy
  • Reduce the work load of operational staff, especially aiming to increase tellers’ operational efficiency
  • Reduce paper generation
  • Enhance customer service