Branchless banking is a solution used for delivering financial services without relying on bank branches. While this may complement an existing bank branch network by providing customers a broader range of channels through which they can access financial services, branchless banking can also be used as a separate channel strategy that entirely forgoes bank branches.

Software Group's Bank in a Box solution will help you expand your customer reach and increase profitability as well as:

  • Serve your customers 24/7
  • Significantly increase your customer reach beyond existing branches
  • Respond to customer needs and design products that cater to their specific environments.
  • Extend your banking services for existing customers
  • Provide financial services to the unbanked
  • Securely extend the mobility of field staff and agents
  • Introduce the option of low-cost, instantaneous and ubiquitous access for customers to make transactions
  • Go green and reduce the paper utilized as part of operations
  • Offer services suitable for clients with low literacy levels