The globalization of the banking industry, the continuing shift from cash to electronic payment and increasing regulatory pressures are placing demands on card issuing businesses to differentiate their card products and improve their operational efficiency.

Card issuers need to provide their customers with attractive products and improved levels of service in order to build a relationship of trust and loyalty. This needs to be delivered while operating efficiently and keeping costs to a minimum.

Software Group’s (SG) Card Management solution is for financial institutions who wish to manage their own debit and credit card processing in-house, as well organizations who want to increase customer retention and satisfaction through the launch of a loyalty card program.

SG’s Card Management solution can help you to:

  • Manage cardholder accounts and relationships more easily
  • Improve card security with real-time and scalable validation of transactions based on user-defined credit and fraud control parameters
  • Launch loyalty programs which interact with your CBS / CRM / MIS, validate and handle loyalty based transactions
  • Meet your requirements for usability, integrity, scalability and security
  • Manage merchant relationships with different discount rates based on volume or promotions