Fintechs partner with Software Group to not only access our flexible and modular platform to scale their systems but also for bespoke developments that help deliver on their precise needs. We provide expertise on how to run complex systems and a development team to maintain more functionality as they grow and evolve. Our unrivaled experience of building tech solutions for the financial inclusion space makes us an invaluable partner for any emerging fintech.

Extend Reach

Providing a full technical platform

The banking industry is being disrupted with innovative fintechs who are digitally driven, customer centric and leveraging the cloud. Yet, the technology and architectural choices made in the beginning often prove not to be scalable for these players. With Software Group’s proven flexible and modular platform, fintechs can easily run and scale their operations while focusing their tech resources on innovation.

Improve Customer Relations

Providing expertise to run complex systems

One of the biggest challenges FinTechs face when trying to reach scale is the need to manage big development teams and to create the structure to manage such growth. We help FinTechs solve this problem by providing our expertise on how to run complex system and with development teams to ensure they can maintain more functionality as they grow and evolve.

Product Platform Roadmap

Maintain a product platform road map and address specific needs

Launching a great product is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning.  There are customer expectations that evolve with time and in today’s consumer demand reality this process moves even faster with shorter release times required. Your products and services need to prove they are sustainable in time. There are new versions, new features expected, merging, improving, maintaining a solid platform roadmap . In addition fintech is all about reimagining and redesigning financial products and services and often bespoke solutions are needed to turn the ideas into reality.  We are here to help you with all that.