Digital Loan Origination for Increased Outreach and Efficiency

Does your organization still rely on disconnected, paper-based loan processes when serving clients? 

Do you feel legacy processes are too time-consuming and resource-intensive, bringing high risks of error and fraud, lengthy turnaround times and lower customer satisfaction?

Do you want to onboard new customers in minutes from anywhere, approve loan applications within hours and disburse the loans soon after?

In this webinar, Geraldine O’Keeffe, Software Group’s Chief Innovation Officer, shares best practices in digital loan origination, taken from Software Group’s ten-year-experience implementing Digital Field Application solutions in leading FSPs across the globe.

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Watch the webinar and learn how to: 
  • Do remote digital onboarding with biometrics identification
  • Eliminate paper and reduce the errors from manual loan processes 
  • Speed up loan turnaround times
  • Increase staff productivity so that your staff can handle higher caseloads and ultimately be more profitable
  • Digitise all client data, including geolocation and build repositories that can fuel automated credit scoring engines in the future
  • Improve customer experience with a convenient service by providing banking “on their doorstep”

This webinar is for any financial service provider that aims to accelerate loan processes from days to minutes. A special focus will be given to digitalisation practices which help FSPs reach remote, underserved markets.

Watch on demand