The Benefits of Digital Onboarding and Origination

5 min


Customer onboarding was transformed into a 5-minute experience which can be done from anywhere.


turnaround time

With DFA loan turnaround time decreased from 72 to 6 hours. (Accion)

1 to 2


12 to 24 months calculated breakeven for the DFA investment.


increase in caseload

DFAs bring a 134% increase in average loan officer caseload, translating to revenue growth (Accion).

Supercharge Field Services with Digital Efficiency

The digital tools your field officers need for improved productivity and higher portfolio quality.

Acquire customers anywhere

With fast and intuitive mobile customer onboarding and loan origination.

Work even offline

Remote, underserved markets with low or no connectivity are one tap away.

Instant validation, intelligent data

Smarter data entry with auto-populated fields and real-time verification.

Reduce paper, decrease costs

Accurately capture documents and ID cards, use optional OCR.

Digital Field Application - Customer Dashboard
Digital Field Application - Loan Applications

Easily monitor and plan tasks

Track completed and pending tasks, plan day-to-day work to boost team efficiency.

Benefit from a 360 customer view

Focus on building relationship across products.

Make better credit decisions

Real-time credit bureau lookups and 3rd-party scoring integration.

Reduce fraud

Through secure biometrics, eSignature or OTP authentication.

Grow Channel Revenue

Expand your market at a minimal cost.

Exclusive Metrics
Individual and
Group Loans
Proactive Performance Management
Savings and
Current Accounts
Liquidity Management
Cash Deposit/Withdrawal,
Balance Enquiries
Collection Sheets

A Digital Transformation Platform in Action

DFA is so much more than just an app - it fully digitalises both field and back office workflows.

Flexible Onboarding & Origination Forms

Easily configure your own forms. Store data on the DigiWave platform or directly in your core banking or other systems.

Seamless API-driven Integrations

Easily integrates with your core banking and legacy systems. Embed third-party provider services to enrich your offering.

Task & Performance Management

Organize work, monitor and improve team performance with interactive task management. Ease communication between the field and the branch.

Credit Scoring & Advanced Analytics

Offer fast track loans to your best customers and nurture the rest. Lower delinquency risk from the start. Identify opportunities through analytics.

Configurable Workflows

Customize your own or use out-of-the-box workflows. Benefit from multi-level loan decisions, fueled by data. Digitize, automate and streamline all processes.

Centralized Management. Multi-country. Multi-tenant

Manage all your digital channels and affiliates from a central portal. Define flexible user roles and permissions.

Accelerate Loan Processes from Days to Minutes


Onboard in Minutes.
Cut Manual Inefficiency Costs.


Lower Cost
to Originate.


Faster Time to Approval.
No Manual Handoffs.
Smarter Data-driven Decisions.


Faster Time to Disbursement.
Higher Customer Satisfaction.



Digital Field Application - Brochure

The DFA Solution at a Glance

Combine human interactions with digital efficiency. DFA enables financial institutions to digitize customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, transactions, and more, even in areas with no connectivity. The results - convenient, efficient and cost-effective services at the customer's doorstep.

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Why Choose Software Group?

DFA is built on DigiWave - Enterprise Digital Banking Platform, accelerating your digital transformation.

Quick-to-market, scalable implementation with fast
positive ROI

Over 10 years of global experience with 200+ customers in over 70+ countries

Clients Growing Their Business with DFA


Get started with digital onboarding and origination.
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